Chapter 1: Fade In

Marilyn Monroe Last Love Truth


Chapter 1
INT. Frank Sinatra’s Apartment.
Marilyn Monroe and Patricia Kennedy Lawford stand near Frank in his living room. Peter Lawford is seated. Pat urges Frank to play his new hit song. Frank pretends not to want to, but is persuaded by the ladies. He strolls over to the record player and puts on, “Come Fly With Me.

Music fills the room. Both women gaze at Frank with starry eyes. Marilyn feels light headed, as if she is breathing rarefied air. She puts her arm around her new friend. She smiles at her and playfully bumps her hips a few times. Then in unison, the two women glide back and forth to the rhythm. Just after a line about being together and hearing angels, Frank lifts the needle mid-song to suggest they all toast to “new friends.” Marilyn looks at Peter and adds “and old.” She then points at Pat’s visibly pregnant belly and sends Peter to the kitchen for juice.

Not wanting a break in the merriment, Marilyn and Pat urge Frank to play more. “Come on Frankie-boy, play some more.” “More.” “More.” Frank has already walked over to the bar to mix some drinks. But he is not one to disappoint the ladies. “Music there shall be,” he says. A magical, sexual energy fills the room. Frank can conjure up charm with the ease of an accomplished and powerful warlock casting a familiar spell. The women aren’t sure how he does it, but with the wink of an eye and a devilish grin, Frankie-boy surprises and delights the girls as “Witchcraft” begins to play.