Chapter 3: Friends and Lovers

Chapter 3


In 1962, the final summer of her life, Marilyn and her publicist Patricia Newcomb were in the middle of a massive media blitz. Marilyn had just been fired by 20th Century Fox and her old studio was waging a very nasty negative campaign against her. Marilyn was fighting back. It’s been said that during one of the photo shoots of that time, when Marilyn was feeling tired and uninspired, Newcomb suggested she think of her two lovers to cheer her up.

Who do you think those lovers were? I think the answer will surprise you.

Spoiler alert. One of those lovers is a Kennedy. Okay, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise given a half century of pop culture pseudohistory where rumors, lies, mistakes, misrepresentations, misinterpretations, and innuendo have been paraded as facts. But it may not be the Kennedy you think it is.

Most Marilyn Monroe fans have downplayed the Kennedy connection in MM’s life ever since the conspiracy theories developed that implicate the Kennedys in Marilyn’s death. Given the results of modern scholarship, and an abundance of evidence, most fans and even some competent historians today concede at least one sexual encounter between Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy. Others see a “continuing” or “episodic” affair between the two. So I will be in the minority when I tell you, (at least for this scenario),  there was never even one coupling of this iconic couple. If you are a Marilyn Monroe fan, or have read anything about her death, or participated in the pop culture of the last half of the 20th century; then I may know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking there was at least one. There HAD to have been something going on between them, right? History puts them in the same place at the same time on more than one occasion. And they were after all, Marilyn Monroe and Jack Kennedy, two names almost synonymous with sex. If you have heard any of the tawdry details then you may ask: What about Palm Springs at Bing Crosby’s house? Didn’t Marilyn’s friend and masseur verify that encounter? Wasn’t there an eye witness? If not Palm Springs then surely the Presidents birthday gala. What about FiFi Fell’s New York party? Or the Lawford mansion in Santa Monica? Doesn’t the FBI have records of “sex parties” in the Carlyle hotel in New York? Again here, isn’t there an eyewitness that saw MM entering the Carlyle? That’s a lot of questions and some interesting possibilities but the answers are simple. Yes to the masseur who did verify Marilyn was with JFK at Crosby’s, maybe to the eye witnesses who saw Marilyn enter the Carlyle while a Kennedy family member was also staying there (big deal, she was probably visiting her friend Pat), but a big no to the sex with John F. Kennedy. Those answers may be simple but the explanation is not. By the end of this tale all will be explained and you’ll know more about Marilyn’s connection to the Kennedy family than if you were to read every book about Marilyn ever published.

If you’re thinking ahead you may be saying if not Jack it must be Bobby. But that’s jumping too far ahead in the story. First I have to convince you its not JFK and then we can examine RFK’s and Marilyn’s connection. It was her relationship with Bobby that was perhaps the most important relationship in her life, at least it was on the day she died.

But first, back to Jack. There are two friends of Marilyn’s that explain the movie stars relationship with the president. It’s these friendships that explain why the orbits of these two luminaries would continue to cross paths, and explain why Marilyn was repeatedly in close proximity to JFK. The two dear friends of Marilyn’s are Frank Sinatra and JFK’s sister, Pat Kennedy Lawford.