Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia

Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia

All of these vintage Marilyn Monroe collectibles were available while Marilyn was living. When it comes to collecting Marilyn Monroe these are the items that are the most desirable to collectors because these are the memorabilia that will not only hold their value but will only become more valuable as time goes by. Memorabilia items in this collection include: (listed clockwise)

1956 Illustrated magazine with Marilyn Monroe on the cover
A half-sheet from the 1951 Marilyn movie Let’s Make It Legal
Paperback edition of The Prince and the Showgirl. A movie made by Marilyn Monroe Productions
One of the few MM books written while she was alive -“Will Acting Spoil Marilyn Monroe” by Pete Martin
An 8 x 10 theater handout of Marilyn Monroe with a facsimile autograph
1955 “Golden Dreams” calendar
1950’s “New Wrinkle” serving tray
Modern Screen Pin-ups Magazine featuring Marilyn on the cover


Marilyn Monroe Postcards

Marilyn Monroe Postcards

These are just some of the collectible Marilyn Monroe books available in this auction. For more pics and a list of books follow this link.

Marilyn Monroe Calendars

Original Marilyn Monroe inspired art

Original fan snapshot photos of Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe collectible expert Clark Kidder signed book and vintage 1950’s theater hand-out 8 x 10 inch photo of Marilyn with a secretary signature.


Several complete Playboy magazines with Marilyn on the cover. I bought the framed first cover of Playboy from someone online who swore it hung in her fathers basement bar from the 1950’s. I can’t verify it’s original, I think it may be a reproduction Playboy published in the 1970’s.

Marilyn Monroe memorabilia from the Red Velvet series by Tom Kelley. Items include a vintage serving tray, a coaster, a knife a Butterfield’s auction catalog and auction paperwork.


Sotheby’s Preview auction catalog from May 1998