For over 50 years the circumstances surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe have remained a puzzling mystery. These are the major missing pieces necessary to solve that puzzle.

If there is one major missing piece of the puzzle this is it. Every Marilyn biographer has missed the importance of the government’s antitrust case against MCA in the last weeks of Marilyn’s life and it’s connection to her death. Click here to start reading the story of how Marilyn became a casualty of Robert Kennedy’s battle with MCA.

Marilyn Monroe’s true connection to the Kennedy family is cloaked in obscurity. History has become an echo chamber repeating the lies and distortions of two groups, Kennedy insiders and loyalists on one side downplay the connection, while Kennedy bashers and conspiracy theorists on the other revel in sleazy excess. All the talk is about the brothers, but the most meaningful relationship Marilyn had with a Kennedy was with Patricia Kennedy Lawford.  It’s no stretch to say that Pat was her closest and only true female friend. Aside from Pat and Frank Sinatra, all Marilyn’s other “friends” were on (or had been on) her payroll. 

As for JFK and MM, after you separate facts from fiction, it’s likely the two had a brief affair in February and March of 1962. It grew out of a flirtation during the previous fall while Marilyn and Sinatra were a couple. It could have been “revenge sex” when Sinatra pulled away. RFK and MM is a completely different story. There’s multiple layers of misinformation to strip off before you get to the naked truth about Marilyn and Robert Kennedy. Start stripping here.


Marilyn Monroe described her last weekend spent alive at Cal-Neva as a “nightmare.” The nightmare continued all of her last week. On Friday, news of a photo taken that weekend broke in a national gossip column. The same column also alluded to rumors of an affair between RFK and MM. What exactly happened at Cal-Neva? To answer that question you have to start with the question of, “What exactly was Marilyn’s relationship with the Mob?” Start the story of Marilyn and the Mob here.


This puzzle piece isn’t about movies scripts. It’s about the mystery of exactly who gave Marilyn the drugs that killed her. The question of how the drugs got into her system is the smokescreen that hides the bigger question of who wrote the prescriptions for the drugs that killed her. The answer to how the drugs got into her system has always been obvious, she consumed them. This fact doesn’t rule out that she was murdered. The drugs that killed Monroe are perfect candidates to be mixed into liquids and drank. If someone Marilyn trusted gave her this “drug cocktail” they could have accidentally or deliberately killed Monroe. Both these scenarios, an unintentional homicide and a deliberate murder are played out in The Death of Marilyn Monroe, Book 1. Read the book for free on this website here.

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