The Case against Pat Newcomb

Pat Newcomb killed Marilyn Monroe. That’s one possible scenario presented in the fictional book, “Did Pat Newcomb Kill Marilyn Monroe?” The book is presented as fiction, but it’s based on facts. It puts forth three scenarios to explain the circumstances surrounding Marilyn’s death. One for suicide, one for an unintentional homicide and one for murder. They can’t all be right so two are fictional reconstructions of events in the Summer of ’62. I contend one of the scenarios is as close to the truth as we can come from the available evidence.

Pat Newcomb was Marilyn’s press agent when she died. The exact role she played in Monroe’s life is hard to define. A friend and near constant companion who helped shape Monroe’s image in the press  doesn’t even come close to defining their relationship, because it was so much more. Newcomb stayed overnight with Marilyn. She went on vacations with her, shopped with her, dined with her. She was with her on movie sets and at Lawford parties. When Monroe sang for the president, Newcomb was never far from her side. On August 4, 1962 she was at Marilyn’s house all day and had slept there the night before.

Newcomb knew the Kennedys long before Marilyn did. She began working for MM shorty after Monroe became friends with JFK’s sister, Pat Kennedy Lawford. Some have suspected she was a Kennedy spy. Ms Newcomb is still alive. She could tell us so much more about what happened the day Marilyn died than she has. I’ve promoted the idea for this book for over a year. I tried to get the word to Ms Newcomb describing what this book would be about. Since I’ve not heard a reply concerning the merits of my conjecture, I can’t know how she will comment. I will say that if she does refute the information in this book and explain why it’s wrong I’ll print anything she has to say on this website. For now I’ll continue to make the case that if Marilyn was murdered the most likely person involved was Patricia Newcomb. She could have done it to save RFK’s reputation, with or without Bobby’s prior knowledge. If RFK did have prior knowledge that Marilyn was going to be murdered we now have a conspiracy. Newcomb once said she would like to exonerate RFK from suspicion in MM’s death. She only needs to tell what she knows so we can build an accurate reconstruction of the events that led to Monroe’s death.

Until then I feel compelled to point out the fact that Pat Newcomb was one of the few people who had contact with Marilyn on her last day and also had the means, opportunity and motive to kill Marilyn Monroe. I present that case in chapter 13 of “Did Pat Newcomb Kill Marilyn Monroe?” This book is available for free on this site. If Marilyn was murdered, this is how it was done. (Unless it was Dr Greenson that left the deadly cocktail. He takes second in my “mostly likely to have murdered Marilyn” derby.)

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