Robert F. Kennedy

As July turned into August in the summer of ‘62, RFK found himself in quite a quandary. Marilyn was demanding to meet with him, and he knew she had every right to be angry and concerned. But he was in a bind. He couldn’t communicate with her over the phone and knew a meeting at this time would be used against him by his enemies. When he met Monroe in the fall of 1961, he had no idea the whirlwind that one actress would bring into the Kennedy families lives. Now, both Jackie and Ethel had threatened divorce if things went further. But the more distance he put between himself and Marilyn the more the situation deteriorated

Unlike his brother, he had never slept with Monroe, but he did feel responsible for the mess she was currently in. When he asked for Marilyn’s help getting inside information on MCA he had no idea how the case would unfold. And now the tragically unfortunate situation that happened at Cal-Neva could not be ignored. He knew he should have handled that personally. During the last weekend in July he had been in LA, with plans to meet Marilyn at Cal-Neva. A tip had been phoned in to the FBI that there would be an assassination attempt on Bobby’s life soon. With Hoover, and the G-men that were loyal to him,  now watching RFK closely, he had to cancel the meet. This infuriated Monroe. He could not put off a face to face with her any longer.

On August 4, 1962 he made a low profile trip to Los Angeles under the guise of speaking with LAPD intelligence officers regarding the assassination tip the previous weekend. His real reason was to calm down Marilyn Monroe and talk her out of making any public statements. A dinner party was arranged at the Lawford home. Eager to return to his family in northern California he made an impromptu, mid-afternoon visit to Marilyn’s home. His frustration got the best of him and things did not go well. About five hours later Marilyn would be dead.

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