Chapter 10: The Flight From Cal-Neva

Chapter 10


Safe now. On board Sinatra’s private plane. Heading to the airport in San Francisco. In an attempt to calm his frazzled nerves Peter grabs a glass and a bottle of Frank’s best booze and heads to the rear of the plane. Pat is a rock. Pat is a champion. Seemingly calm and composed, a terrified woman hiding behind a stoic Kennedy face, holds the person she loves most dear. A physically and emotionally drained Marilyn rests her head on Pat’s shoulder and curls up into a tiny little ball. Pat puts her arm around a trembling Marilyn and pulls her close. The interior lights are dimmed and both women stare at the array of tiny lights in the ceiling which resemble a night sky with the stars overhead. In the background, Judy Garland serenades them with the song “Who Cares?” (It had become kind of a theme song for Marilyn and Pat that last summer.) With the way they cared for each other, both women were sure the song was written just for them.

A warm wave of security washes through Marilyn and she finally feels safe. Marilyn begins to muse.

Silent and motionless.
Nothing was spoken.
Everything was felt.
A couple together.
Together as one.

Marilyn’s hand finds Pat’s and their fingers interlace. Each of their bodies moves instinctively for the comfort of the other as they shift and then nestle again into place. Their love spans realities and sustains universes. Peaceful and content, they both close their eyes and begin to slumber. When Pat feels Marilyn’s head lower ever so slightly, she knows Marilyn is falling asleep. Pat kisses the top of Marilyn’s head and wishes her sweet dreams. Marilyn smiles and drifts away.

Both women sleep as the plane begins its descent. Turbulence awakens Pat with a start. Marilyn continues to slumber, blissfully unaware that her worst nightmare has already begun.