What happened to Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn and the Mob

The Gangster Behind Marilyn's Death

Forget about everything you’ve ever heard about Marilyn and the Mob. Most of it is fantasy and purposeful misdirection. Throw in the potential for financial gain by exploiting the public’s need for the sleazy and the sensational, and you are left with very few accurate facts when talking about Marilyn and mobsters. The only fact that’s truly relevant to understanding Marilyn’s death is the weekend at Cal-Neva. Because Marilyn visited Sinatra’s place, “Heaven in the High Sierra’s,” several times during the summer of ’62, there is endless confusion on what exactly happened on the weekend before Marilyn died. Throw in the fact that Marilyn’s closest companions, Frank Sinatra and JFK’s sister, would never disclose what happened, and we are left with wild conjecture. Some of the worst is given authority because it comes from a seemingly legitimate source, a former FBI agent.

Want to know what really happened that weekend?

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